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Casino bonuses and promotions rules, terms and conditions

Jul, 7 96
Casino Bonus Terms and Conditions Given that our promos are usually unique, our players may be required to add a promo code. Our system will ensure that any relevant rollover requirements are met by the player based on the following terms: All bonuses, special offers and promotions are subje...
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What happens if a game freezes when I’m not finished? Is my money safe?

Jan, 1 3
MYBCasino software is designed professionally such that games rarely freeze, unless there is an error from your end (either from the phone or computer). But even in the rare occasion that a freeze does happen, our software will ensure that the game is saved on the round where the freeze happened, me...
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How can I play at MYBCasino Casino?

Jan, 1 16 1
To play games on our site, simply visit MYBCasino, create an account freely, and then make your initial deposit, which will automatically get your our awesome sign-up bonus and give you the go-ahead to start playing and enjoying our fun casino games!
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Can I play at MYBCasino on my Mobile Device?

Jan, 1 27 3
Absolutely Yes! To do so, open any web browser on your mobile phone, type in, register for an account (if you hadn’t done so before), key in your login details and start playing and enjoying our fun casino games!
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What are Random Number Generators (RNG’s) and how do they facilitate my protection?

Jan, 1 2
Simply put,  RNG’s stands for Random Number Generated Games that are computer programs that are in-built in our systems using scientific and mathematical algorithms to help calculate and produce random results during game-plays. RNG’s are essentially responsible for producing the unpredictable an...
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