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MYBCasino Account Help Section

Live dealer table – Chat feature blocked

Jul, 7 9 1
The live dealer platform offers a chat facility to allow a fun, respectful and entertaining experience. If a user incurs in any misconduct as per our guidelines, chat capabilities may be blocked for a certain period of time. Recurrent offenses may result in permanent chat ban.
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MYBCasino mobile betting

Jul, 7 12
Place your bets anywhere you are… It’s easy! With MYBCasino mobile betting platform, you can bet your favorite game and win anytime, anywhere, using your favorite mobile device. There’s no need to download an app or access a unique mobile URL. Accessing the MYBCasino mobile Casino is as simple...
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Unauthorized use of account

Jul, 7 8
If your account number and/or password are lost or compromised, contact MYBCasino immediately. Once notified, MYBCasino will freeze your account to block the attacker from misusing your account. Even though we will do everything within our power to limit access to the attacker, it is the client’s...
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What Is The Account Verification Process?

Jan, 1 49 3
MYBCasino asks every player to verify their identity. The process is simple; you will receive an SMS including a link. To complete the verification process, you just need to click on it and you will receive a “Success!” confirmation message. This is done to guarantee players a secure gambling enviro...
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Casino bonuses and promotions rules, terms and conditions

Jul, 7 100
Casino Bonus Terms and Conditions Given that our promos are usually unique, our players may be required to add a promo code. Our system will ensure that any relevant rollover requirements are met by the player based on the following terms: All bonuses, special offers and promotions are subje...
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