What happens if a game freezes when I’m not finished? Is my money safe?

Last modified: January 26, 2021
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MYBCasino software is designed professionally such that games rarely freeze, unless there is an error from your end (either from the phone or computer). But even in the rare occasion that a freeze does happen, our software will ensure that the game is saved on the round where the freeze happened, meaning you will never lose a bet until you complete the game. Similarly, you money is always safe whenever you are playing at MYBCasino.

If a game freeze happens, follow these simple steps to help you resume your play:

Take a screen shot of the game that froze (if possible).

Note down the time and date when the freezing happened.

Note down any other key detail that you believe would assist in helping to resolve your issue.

With the above steps taken care of, go ahead and refresh the page.

If doing all the above doesn’t help in resolving your issue, you can try clearing the cache and cookies from your computer or mobile devices browser (as was explained earlier in this FAQ) or check your internet connection, which is also another common reason behind game freezes.

If all of the above fails to help resolve your issue, kindly contact our Customer Support team either via Live Chat or by email (support@MYBCasino.ag) and we’ll be more than happy to assist you.

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